This is why I’m voting for Donald Trump


It’s 2 days till election day. We’ve both heard from both candidates and I’d like to share an opinion about the race.  I’m not a great writer but I know what I have to say is worth saying.

To start, I’m not actually voting for Donald Trump. Don’t worry and don’t yell at me. I just wanted to see what you reaction would be and if you’d read past the title.

It seems like for living in such a progressive area, no one in my generation is comfortable voicing that they will vote for Trump or even feel comfortable saying just something they think he is doing right (sans Thiel).

Maybe nobody I know has anything positive to say about him. But historically looking at how people vote (even taking into account we have a unique candidate), it seems unlikely that that no one I or you know is going to vote for him. What seems likely very bad is creating an atmosphere where people say they will shun you if you say you would vote for Trump or say really anything in his favor.

I don’t care what your political beliefs are or who you are going to vote for, but your roommates and coworkers and dinner dates and the people who make your day a little better every day deserve to be listened to and not attacked by you.


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