Sam’s Boyhood

The boy’s noodley hair swings in his top bunk bed where he most likely thinks about wasps. The girl with bangs and two pony tails wields a pillow. Upon release, the heft disrupts the bowl of noodles on top of the boy’s head.

“Oops…” squeaks the girl, eyes still fixated on his eyebrows.

“…I did it again! I played with your heart, got lost in the game. Oh baby, baby…”

Hands clasped on top of her head, tommy button exposed, hulla thursts dare her brother to fight back.

So begins the 12 year time lapse.  Here, 163 minutes feels desperately short.

The plot doesn’t matter. You have seen a movie and you know how movies work. Teens get drunk and fling ciraded metal blades at a wooden plank, a plank held up by the scrawniest member of the gang. A child shows up to his house twisted and late in middle of his mother’s party. The father runs off to Alaska and swears he’ll come back but he just needs some time to think.

The onscreen only possessed first names. Thus, each audience member betrothed the characters, giving them a last name, and making we, the sea of strangers, in-laws. The theater transformed into a family reunion watching very lengthy home videos. I may have gone to the theater by myself but I didn’t see this movie alone.

I liked the girl a lot. Some mix of me being a girl and her sharp dialogue. At the beginning, the girls says goodbye to the mailbox, the door, the furniture her mommy wouldn’t let them take but that she still loved, and not loving her mommy as much since she was making them move. We laugh because she is sincere but we think we know better and that she won’t actually end up too sad. Years later, the girl says “once you leave for college, your parents don’t really have any control over you”. This time there is an awkward pause since we don’t know whether this is meant to be something thought by students in college or a truth of society.

Go watch it.  I think you’ll like it.


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