An ode to Cream

CREAM, home of sugar-coma ice cream sandwiches at $2.15 a pop. It’s the perfect snack to accompany you on the way to the library. An icey surprise after a sweaty I-am-10-minutes-late sprint to class. Enough sugar to replace the coffee of little sleep and lots of Professor Hilfiger. A blanket to swaddle the body and soften the mind.

My freshmen dorm, being freshmen, and thus wise, immediately grasped the greatness of the institution. We first used to journey to CREAM celebrating a birthday or a finished round of paper writing and midterms. Soon, our trips became the consequence of every other plan falling through on a weekend night (a bi-weekly affair). We then started going when it was a floor member’s family member’s birthday.

From dorm bed to CREAM door is about 2 minutes. The queue of 50 only adds to the experience, providing yet another opportunity to play “hippy, homeless, or professor”.

Freshmen year I was 2 blocks from CREAM. And this year, I’m 1 block from CREAM. The only question left is where am I going to move next year?


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