The Nocturnal Light

Exhibit A: “Don’t take a picture unless you wanna get f*!$ed” is the rough translation of the billboard: poor vocabulary given that seems to be everyone’s desire. Here if you take a picture, your camera will be destroyed on sight.

Exhibit B: Glass panels occur where doors usually are on houses. Wonton eyes follow you and lingerie clad fille-de-joie stand open armed. You know this lies inside. And yet you can’t help peering in to see what rests behind the translucent darkness. It’s always accompanied by the same visceral stomach churn. My strawberry smoothie ends up in the trash half drunk.

Exhibit C: The nocturnal light is red and oozes through the soot. Everything feels like it’s bleeding. “The dusk reeks of fornication and bad consciences.”*

This is the red light district of Amsterdam.

* Watchmen


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