Cocomama was a Brothel in the 1950s.  Today, it still has the spunk with out the sperm.  In fact, I think first and foremost I would characterize this hostel by its cleanliness.  The food that was free didn’t make you barf.  There were no unidentified residues clinging to sheets or cutlery.  And toilets (if anything) were aromatic.

And probably my favorite part of it all was the warmth exuded by everyone (workers and travelers alike…often one and the same).  I never felt skeptical leaving my camera while taking a leak.  I did not have to bearhug my backpack while sleeping.  And when I sat down next to a stranger, I was received with a smile, sincere questions, and an offer for some tea.

Yes, a bit more pricey than your average hostel, but when will you get to say that you slept in a former brothel and a dorm hostel while getting a full night’s rest?

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