The things you find on Mt. Diablo

IMG_2947Walking frees the soul from the body. It latches onto a hawk and not only swoops, glides, and hovers but also stops and sees a leaf for what a leaf really is in all its intricacies and details. With those eyes, brick houses with picket fences and sparkling pools are Lilliputian and look for once what they are: insignificant. A slip and a fall and your body tumbles down a bit. All part of the adventure. Your soul latches onto something, a falling pebble. The rock has been there for ages. It’s withstood the winds of nature and terrors of men. It’s seen everything, and I take comfort in the fact that if this rock could last so long, maybe I too can last another day of my high schoolers.

Ketamine, a synthetic drug, frees the soul from the body. I would argue that hiking in nature does the same. Your body accidentally identifies with the animate and inanimate surrounding objects, and you find yourself walking in a body that isn’t your own.

It was like finding my spirit animal. Before going to Mt. Diablo, during the frequent introduce yourself and tell everyone your spirit animal, I would never know what to say. Everything from “ducks because they can swim, walk, and fly” (I only realized later I couldn’t fly) to “tribbles because they like eating and are flufffffffy” came from my mouth. But today I found it. I found my inner critter.

I am a lizard. I like basking in the sun for hours and have no issue plopping myself in the middle of people scurrying about. My dance moves have a slithery, wriggling quality. And I have been known to swallow some bugs in my sleep. Don’t know how I didn’t think of it before.


3 thoughts on “The things you find on Mt. Diablo

  1. Well written thoughts about how insignificant we are in the totality of the universe. Yet, we can find so much meaning in small and large things around us.

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