A Caterpillar Snooze

hikingThe Sole Photo of Spring Break 2013 Shot Outside Henry Coe State Park (Inadequate but indeed quite adequate)

A mosaic of greens encrusts the hills.  In the clouds, gray diffuses into white.  Feet sport socks inside out and tarnished with memories.  Meanwhile, the plants project out of the ground like spokes on a bicycle wheel.  Light creates motile caterpillars out of plants by illuminating the fuzz on the long slightly curved stems.  But just as the sky giveth light and life, so it taketh away.  In seconds, hurried clouds obscure the sun casting grays instead of oranges and sedating the caterpillars, leaving them to dream.

Pictures are moot in places like this where the light is a vibe rather than a visual spectacle.  Here, the light fills your body up like sand does an empty sack.  And the fluctuating light leaves you to dream, but this time as plants do.

Close your eyes and take a caterpillar snooze.


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