Ballooning over Bagan

IMG_6115Smoke tunnels light, silhouetting trees, temple tops, and anything with height. In other parts, iridescent fog lingers on hundreds of sun kissed pagodas and palm trees. The curves and points of temples refract light into the eyes of birds and other 530-am-ers. Corn-rows carpet the gaps between temples and create a visual irony where the pagodas evoke nature and the vegetation man-kind. For once, Burma’s temperature is a bit chilly. But it isn’t difficult to find warmth in this morning.


2 thoughts on “Ballooning over Bagan

  1. Spectacular! I am planning on heading to Myanmar in May – it is the hottest time of the year to be there, but due to conflicting schedules it was either that or nothing. There won’t be hot air balloons when I go, but your picture at least has given me a taste of what I’ll be missing out on. Safe travels.

    1. You are going to have a wonderful time: totally amazing country. That’s too bad about the hot air balloons, but from many of the temples you get enough height that you get really stunning panoramic views of Bagan (comparable to the balloon flight). Also make sure you look out your window if you are flying in/out of Bagan!

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