Inlay of Mandalay


In-lay* is a 15 year old girl (Right most person). Habitat of Mandalay, working by day as a jade jewelry salesmen and moonlighting as a school student. Main takeaways from our conversation?

(1) Loves fish (I mean as food) and thinks she is a good Buddhist but doesn’t believe good Buddhists eat fish.
(2) Knows 5 languages (Which ones you ask. Well let me tell you! Italian, Spanish, English, French, Burmese. Only Burmese & English were learnt in school)
(3) Goes to school 2 hours a day (at 6 pm). Loves English. Hates math. Indifferent to most else.
(4) Mastered all the times to the minute when tourists will be in specific areas of her town so at maximize her profit (And here we were promised “exotic” and “different” as part of our tourist package).

*My spelling while always questionable, at least reads as it sounds.


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