Guesthouses in the Khumbu

I can’t actually remember how tired or perhaps relieved I felt once reaching a guest house after a long day: my memories only include the action of going up the steps, checking the room/toilet, and being assured it’s 200 ruppies or *wink* and “free if your friend come to”. Then, sitting on the flowery carpeted benches and buddled in retro fitted blankets, I gaze a the photographs of Buddist deities, notable peaks, and cursorily photoshopped parrot on a rabbit on a monkey on elephant complete with apricot balancing on tip of elephant’s trunk. The myriad of photographs and awarded certificates showcase children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the owners. Looking closer, I notice everything is dated 2016 and onwards: I get the feeling that I’m stuck in a 60s scifi tv show.

Orginally written March 15, 2012


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