Gokyo Ri

A bit repetitive perhaps but the view of Gokyo Lake from Gokyo Ri

Nearby unnamed peak at sunrise from Gokyo Ri

Gloves on the feet…it’s that cold at the top (of Gokyo Ri)

Gokyo and co.

One of the most difficult feats in my life was trying to summit Gokyo Ri. Standing at 5357 m, the peak is only called a mountain by foreigners like me. Nepali gawk and laugh when they hear people use the word “mountain:” I guess comparatively it’s nothing to its 8,000+ brothers and sisters. But when it’s your first time being over 5,000 meters, and you are starting at 3 am in order to summit it by sunrise, it feels like hell and the words “hill” and “peak” hardly suffice.

While going up, we started at 4,900 m and during the last 100 meters, I had to stop just about every 10 steps as I seemed unable to get any air in whilst walking. But after much toil, we reached the top, the cold desolate top with stunning views and friendly faces. We photographed, we danced, we cheered, and we fist pumped. From having a snow ball fight on Gokyo to macarena-ing on Gokyo Ri, we definitely had fun (even if it was bit chilly!)


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