No More Big Storm!

Frog-like water leaps from puddle to puddle.  Golf ball sized hail zip and puncture the frogs as if fired by a lunatic hunter.  Human rain dwellers sport brightly colored plastic buckets on their heads to avoid any bullets in uncomfortable places.  Like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the sky pours down buckets of angry water that resemble everyday food rather than innocuous, merry droplets from Singing in the Rain.  Here, warm drops ooze from the roof and walls, making it both hot and wet where it should be cool and dry.  Outside, sweating trunks bend and stick at angles that could only be paralleled to the site of a first time yoga student doing the lotus position.  The mango flowers loose their feminity and color as each petal is shredded and deposited into the wind while the papaya trees have their voluptuous fruits snap off like a KitKat bar featured on tv.  No more big storm!


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