“Because It’s There”

After one of the first attempted summits of Mount Everest, the question was raised as to why they did it, George Leigh Mallory, one of the unsuccessful mountaineers, simply responded, “Because it’s there.”  To me that indicated his pure love for adventure and mountain climbing and just wanting to do something because he loved it.  Some think that the quote attests to human longing for domination and control over nature, which is probably at least partly true.  His intentions are for you to decide, but I’m more inclined to believe the former.

Initially many trekkers begin their voyage with friend’s and family’s praise (and possibly world recognition) on their minds, but the luming Himalayas and prehistoric slopes force western ideologies out of your mind to make room for the new medatative you with the most vivid, beautiful thoughts.  No one who maintains tainted thinking finds success here thereby allowing the Himalayas to to select like-minded individuals as their partners and friends.

Mallory’s success will always be dubious as he lost his way coming down or up from the summit on his final attempt.  But his attitude towards the mountains and determination will forever earn him success in my eyes (and I hope his). Even though I can only match Mallory’s possible summit by going 2/3 the way up, I share his somewhat light-hearted reasoning and found that the happiest people I met did too.

I may not have like Norgay or Hillary attained at summit of Mt. Everest, but I sure enjoyed the view while waving my fist at it.


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