Dear Prato of the Four Seasons Mumbai,

You clamor with guests in the morning when you serve poppy seed bagels (as the only choice of bagel), spiced cheddar cheese, yogurt smoothies, eggs and the like.

We sit and munch and munch some more.  Steaming masala chai and freshly squeezed orange juice wash the rest down.  So delicious, to my hearts delight.

But then the clocks strike 10 and breakfast is no more.  No longer can you hear the cheery cries from the white-collared and collared whites alike.

Hopeful new comers visit the place at night, coming from around, Bandra, Breach Candy, Colba…PSYCH.

Floor 1, floor 2, floor 3 etc of The Four Seasons come for a quick, close by bite.

They walk in and see the dark ambience and lack of people and try to conceal a “Yike.”  Oh ya and the food is heavy but tastes alright.


Customer #3 on that cool December night


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