All Neel

You really will be Neeling in front of Chef Mukhtar Qureshi after you taste the delight that is Worli’s Neel, hardly an india-scretion.  But enough with the puns.  It’s not like I’m kebabing up and down for their perfectly spiced, melt-in-your-mouth roasted rolled lamb.

Skip the fish (which tasted a bit fishy, last pun) and go straight for the meats.  Allow yourself to be seduced by the naan, kebabs, and biryani, for once don’t worry too much about the greens.  Finish off your meal with Radbi Ice-cream (milky kulfi) and Parde Me Khubani (baked apricot halwa): it’s Neel’s Desi apple pie a la mode.

Negatives?  As one Zomato reviewer wrote, “the menu is like Urdu poetry and sounds amazing but a little difficult to [understand] despite the simple English translation.”  Additionally, the ambience outside is less than ideal for conversation, the fans making it noisy and almost too cool in parts.  The food is definitely on the heavier-I-am-going-to-put-butter-in-this-to-make-it-taste-delicious side, but you will be hard pressed to find a good North Indian restaurant in Mumbai that doesn’t do that.

To close, all kneel to the magnificent Neel.


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