Quick Thoughts on Chicago Institute of Art

  1. SO BIG! Didn’t realize it would take half a day to go through everything…
  2. Loved the idea of…
    1. Using multiple screens that show different vantage points of the same subject at the same time.  You aren’t unsure where to focus because the movement is concentrated and the screens are cohesive.
    2. Mixing commercial/commonly recongnized icons or items to symbolize something you thought was completely different but is acutally similar
    3. Having a color scheme typical of a place, thing, time
    4. Using a different/weird media to sculpt something familiar
    5. Twisting a cliché
    6. Manipulating shapes to convey idea or theme
    7. Real smoke coming out of a picture of a man smoking or generally using real elements in what would be flat works
  3. Stumbled across the original of a picture my sister painted in elementary school that hangs out side my door and that I wake up and see every morning *weird*
  4. The Picture of Dorian Gray & De Scott Evans’s “The Irish Question” = epic
  5. Loved seeing Georgia O’Keefe works.  You can feel her light texture and smell the light odor of oil.  It’s elegantly disgusting, here use of flowers, dessert-y landscapes, and bones.  Her art is so smooth: everything is so well blended.
  6. Blue stain glass, I stared at for about 10 minutes trying to understand all of it.  Beautiful, glossy brilliance
  7. Replica of Stock Room. Surprising =  they used a chalk board in front to record all price changes and all windows were stain glass
  8. Favorite exhibit was the one on ancient European armor and weapons: I felt like I was in an epic movie with dragons and castles holding damsels in distress.
  9. So many really famous pictures in the museum.  I most loved Monet and the really abstract contemporary works.

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