NaNoWriMo Begins

How it works…

On November 1st, begin writing a novel. The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by midnight, local time, on November 30th.

The rules state that, to be an official NaNoWriMo winner, you must…

1. Write a 50,000-word (or longer) novel, between November 1 and November 30.
2. Start from scratch. None of your own previously written prose can be included in your >NaNoWriMo draft (though outlines, character sketches, and research are all fine, as are citations from other people’s works).
3. Write a novel. A novel is defined as “a lengthy work of fiction”.
4. Be the sole author of your novel. Apart from those citations.
5. Write more than one word repeated 50,000 times.
6. Upload your novel for word-count validation to the NaNoWriMo site between November 25 and November 30.

Consequently during this time, I won’t be updating my blog very frequently (if at all).

Let the adventure begin!


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