Different Tastes of Delhi

From dal baath (lentils and rice) being ladled onto your plate desired or not to profuse apologies and free ice cream for being given marmalade instead of honey, the Oberoi Gurgaon’s threesixtyone was more than 1 degree different then Nepal.  At restaurants where the customers saying “5,” mean 5 million, the food obviously is good.  But how do you quantify good? Good means donuts that make you want to eat when you aren’t hungry (quite a feat for an institution that doesn’t solely sell donuts and one additionally located in India). Good means baked pudding at breakfast, an imaginative and delicious dish. Good means tea that is served with “free” cookies that if offered separately on the menu would be ordered.  Good means fish that are merrily swimming in the sea at 6 am are merrily swimming in coconut curry and chilies on your plate at 6 pm.  But let’s not forget about Haldiram, India’s McDonalds but tasty.  Quality chaat (Indian snacks) in quantity, it’s the place to go to see everyone in India and not break the bank.  When dad spotted the mithai (Indian sweets), he shrunk 4 ft and lost all grey hair.  His excuse for purchasing 20 Kg of mithai was that they only sold 1 kg at a time, but it was the common 10-year-olds virus of eyes being bigger than the stomach.

Pictured is an irrelevant peacock.


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