My favorite cooked vegetable that I ate with rice and lentils was this colorful cucumber dish that Pramila made with the vegetables I brought from Chitwan.

I have yet to make the recipe, but I watched her and asked her for the names of all the ingredients. It goes roughly as follows:

1. Dice a cucumber and use cheese grater on a radish. Make the ratio of cucumber to radish, 3:2.
2. Add a tablespoon of sesame seed for every cup of the cucumber blend.
3. Add lemon, salt, and masala mix as you see fit.
4. In a separate bowl, fry chillies, garlic, and onion with oil. Then, dump oil mixture with cucumber blend.
5. Add fresh coriander and mustard seeds if you have them. Diced potatoes are also a nice addition.

Enjoy! (I’ll update this after I cook it in order to make sure of the accuracy.)


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