The ABCs of Chitwan Part 9: The Close


There should be a mass killing of mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are the worst.  I can’t figure out what value mosquitoes add to the world besides helping one forget they have a paper cut because a mosquito bite is more aggravating.  Mosquitoes don’t even offer a fair fight as they often go for your ankles and feet, which are far from the eyes and obscured by lingering dirt and shadows.  In conclusion, mosquitoes are useless beings and an abomination to society.

I use to think I hated bananas because they were bland.  But it’s because when they’re twice their normal size, each bite has half it’s normal taste.  The bananas in Nepal are 3-4 inches long and perfectly sweet.  The apples are the ideal combination of crunchy and juicy.  The pomegranate sparkles like rubies and forces you with each bite to believe it’s worth just as much.  The guavas have skins that melt in your mouth like their seedy insides.  And the coconut is ¼ inch thick and reminds you of water and sand between your toes.

Photos from my last days:


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