The ABCs of Chitwan Part 7: Celebrations


At school, whenever classes were tired of the regular lesson plan, we would have singing and dancing.  Back at the farm, the background changed, but the entertainment stayed the same.  This involved everyone singing traditional Nepalese songs, the girls dancing, me teaching American folk songs and accompanying them on the guitar, and (the crowd favorite) me dancing to Sheila, a song perpetually piping from the Nepali radio.  So Priyanka from everyone in Chitwan, great choreography.


Celebrating women, the weeklong National festival involves singing and dancing and ever so much eating.  The above pictures are a compilation of my photos along with Michael Rees’s, another volunteer.


4 thoughts on “The ABCs of Chitwan Part 7: Celebrations

    1. Yes, thanks. The picture is taken on a farm in Chitwan in Nepal. It’s during the Teej festival which celebrates women. The festival involves singing and dancing, and this particular event is a pooja done for the older lady in the purple blouse to decide whether she is still young enough to celebrate Teej next year.

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