The ABCs of Chitwan Part 4: <3

I tripped on a banana peel I left for the goats. I managed for no reason to fall off my bike on the way to school in front of a crowed restaurant. I jived across the field trying to get mosquitoes off of me ending up in cow shit. I figured out how to spill water when I drink and splatter food on my face when I eat. If anyone is every surprised or worried about me when I do such things, I wouldn’t know because everyone seems to shrug and start laughing. I’ve had some mishaps. Thankfully, just some food kissing my cheek or me kissing the ground.

I’m lucky to not miss anyone so much that I want/need to go home or am made sad by reminiscing. I think it’s because I know everyone I love loves me and that isn’t going to change by not being home for a year. I love when people I meet ask me about my parents and friends. I proudly show them pictures and tell them about how wonderful they all are including all their lovely idiosyncrasies. I can’t wait to see my family and friends at home, and I know I’ll appreciate them more (for at least a bit) having been without them for so long.

If you have a Mitani, it means you are best friends, and your friendship, while already strong, will grow with time. If you have a Mitani, you and them have a ceremony performed involving giving each other tikas and exchanging of jewelry. If you have a Mitani, you are a girl for some reason the Nepalese culture doesn’t find male bonds to be special or maybe existent.


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