The ABCs of Chitwan Part 2: The Animals

Dog(s)Tommy, a black, manky dog with some German Shepard lineage, roamed the farm of Chitwan with Sandy Beach, a mutt named after her coat.  If Sandy started barking at a frog leaping, Tommy would be right beside.  Then one day, Sandy had a new boyfriend.  You could tell Sandy had a type as he was colored and built the same as Tommy but her new boyfriend had a slink confidence that a humble being like Tommy would never possess.  One day, Tommy came back bleeding out of his ear and limping on his front right paw. Sandy eventually came back and tried to work her feminine magic on Tommy saying “it was just a fling and it didn’t mean anything to me”: it didn’t work.  I didn’t really hate her before but for some reason that really ticket me off.  Thereafter, he would run up, always one ear bouncing in the wind, and she would follow nipping and cleaning him, just being nice.  I learned from Sandy that besides time, constant kindness is a key to getting your love ones to forgive you.

ElephantRode an elephant and then got a bit wet.

FishAfter persuading and sweet-talking of some unsure fishermen, I made my way across the river to see a rhino via an unwieldy long boat.  Between the Rhino being a couple feet in front and live fish of every size squirming at my feet, it was an adventure of a lifetime.

GoatMy favorite animals on the farm were the goats.  Whenever I saw them, I use to give a good “Bahhhhh” after awhile the lovely grandmother who fed the sheep, began telling me in Nepalese how they call her “Ammaaaaa! Khanaaaa!” (Ama = mother, Khana = food).


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