Beginning Anecdotes

Everyone speaks to me in Nepalese because I am Indian and thus look Nepalese. Between the Hindi that I realize I already know and the Nepalese I’m picking up, I’m not terrible at understanding the language. Unless of course the person is speaking fast and is leaving words off at the end which for some reason seems to be the vast majority of the time. #Winning?

Lots of cockroaches in my bedroom but they’re pretty cute. They never surprise you like spiders seem to do: they just wander around in open site and mind their own business though they have an awful habit of crawling into different liquids and then drowning. #IUnderstandWALLE

At Durbar Square, I brought my Ipad along (with Kathmandu Lonely Planet Guide App) and was sitting down and reading about the places I was seeing. Many of the natives sitting near would come over and just sit down next to me or behind me and read along with me. No questions were asked nor was anyone pushy and rude. It was a mutually agreement: they share their temples and I share my book. #TechFTW

Music is the language of all countries as evident by playing different Indian songs for Dipika. I watch as her face lights up when she too knows a song and she crudely sings along not caring if you misses a word or the tune entirely while I have to restrain myself from dancing. Pramila, their ever-laughing, ever-loving mother, is my alarm clock whose gentle chants and hymns fill the house as Dudh Chai (Milk Tea) fills the stomach. #MusicMakesYouLooseControl


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