Ireland Recommendations

Continuing my purge of everything on me desktop, I found this (a recommendation for Ireland):

1. Chicken Goujons = chicken tenders
2. Garlic Mayo = ranch (basically)
3. Everyone uses the word “cheers” interchangeably with “thanks.” Example: After a waiter gives you your food or after someone opens a door for you, you would say “cheers.”
4. If you are at a random restaurant, when in doubt order soup and a sandwich (preferably with toasted bread). Soup is always nice and generally you can pick what goes into the sandwich making it as good as you order it (recommend lettuce, tomatoes with bacon or chicken).
5. EVERYTHING comes with mayo and/or chips
6. In Galway, go to the farmer’s market (I think it’s on Quay, pronounced like “key,” Street next to the main touristy area where there are street performers. There are many different options for food in the market, but the best food is at Crepe Stand in the market. Sweet or Savory, you will not be displeased. Galway is easy to navigate and is absolutely beautiful.
7. Dublin: I’m sure you will know what to do/where to go but I would highly recommend walking along St. Stephen’s Green. It’s this beautiful park on the south side of the river, a bit south of Temple Bar. Everyone will know how to get there.
8. Belfast: If you ever go there, the only really cool thing to do is view the murals. Get a tour guide who knows the history and can take you around to see all of them: otherwise not that much to do in Belfast.
9. Giant’s Causeway/Northern Coast: really really pretty. Definitely walk up to Giant’s Causeway (there is a bus option, but it’s a really nice walk). Try to go to the bridge near it that isn’t part of the Giant’s Causeway but generally people go to. I forget what it’s called but it’s really fun and really pretty.


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