Solitude Over Frivolous Gabble

When you travel by yourself, there is nothing holding you back from going down a street plastered with skulls or an avenue of flowers. You can stop at every bookstore and read for hours (if you want) the history of King James in a tattered leather bound or a first edition “Importance of Being Earnest,” a treasure to any Wilde fan. Or you can sit in every park and dine on blueberry scones, pesto sandwichs and orange juice.

I was on my way to the acclaimed Guinness Brewery when I came across this beautiful church full of flowers. I decided to make a detour and take a look inside. The museum offered free admission and a free guide to take you around. I ended up talking with the guide for an hour about the history of the church and the different cathedrals surroundings the city. I learned how to differentiate the eras through their architecture, about Catholic customs/culture and the history of how it came to be that way, and this women’s life story. At 70 years old, she knew the answer to all of my questions and could give me books to read if I wanted to delve further. She had this wonderful spark to her that made you want to talk to her and understand what she had to say.

I enjoyed the art of Dublin including pictures of what appeared to be kitten burrito Lily cat, Misterman’s Thomas’s Angel, oinking pigs, and the slaved green man.

Buildings tower over the bustling city and add character to the otherwise Urban areas.

Street performer on Grafton Street with performer dancing to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” while climbing different people.

Picture time in front of, well, the street (does he realize the Cathedral is in back? I guess she is pretty cute).

Got to keep those damn children on leashes.

I loved being lost in the city of Dublin. I, like Alexander Dumas’ Franz and Edmond, “preferred the enjoyment of solitude and [my] own thoughts to the frivolous gabble of the guides.”


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