Oxegen ’11

Oxegen Crowd 2011Have you ever gone by yourself to a music festival?  I triple doggy dare you to try.
It wasn’t looking up for me when I left my flat late, 10 till the bus’ departure. I tried running the 1.5 miles to where the bus was to leave: lucky for me, a taxi pulled over and gave me a lift.  When I tried to pay the driver, he told me to not worry about it and to just have a lot of fun for both of us.
As I boarded the bus, I found the only empty seat between a pink tutu clad twenty something year old and remarkably plain jelled haired man.  I mostly slept on the two and half hour drive except for occasional conversation with the guy who clearly wanted nothing to do with me and the girl who was in deep conversation with what I assume was her best friend next to her.  When I got off the bus, I didn’t know anyone and hadn’t made any friends on the bus.  But I trudged on.  In line, I met this group from Derry who had been at the festival since Saturday.  They gave me a lot of advice about the venue and after an hour in line together they invited me to join them.  After that first awkward phase, the concert was brilliant.
Most of the people I met couldn’t remember my name so would just call me California.  One person told me they were from California, but due to his strong Irish accent and inability to remember where he was from in California, I think he was lying.  After seeing some fun smaller bands, we headed over to the main stage to see the one and only key dollar sign ha.

Ke$ha at Oxegen 2011

While perhaps a terrible singer, awful dancer and overall disastrous looking women, she put on a show!  Her entire crew was decked out in American Flag patterned rags-for-shirts with green lipstick.  On her right eye, she had a shiny green clover.  She sang all her most popular songs to a crowd of raging Irish and I had so much fun just bopping around singing along.  It was mad and at the end she hand USA themed confetti.  While I don’t believe Ke$ha, gives America the best rep; her performance was fun and reminded me of how much I loved home.


The next big act to see was Jimmy Eat World which was on the Vodaphone stage.  About 10 minutes before they were on, it started pouring.  While perhaps a bit chilly and a bit wet, it allowed there to be almost no one to see them especially since there were 5 other stages with bands, 3 of which were covered.  When I first saw Jimmy Eat World, it was when they were headling Not So silent Night freshmen year of high school.  The venue size was about the same, but it was class being able to see them so close.  I felt like there were singing to me as I was one of the few (meaning about 50) who had come to see them.  They played a raging set and seemed to only grow stronger with the downpour.  Towards the middle of “Sweetness,” the sun made an appearance, lighting up the stage and warming up all my damp clothing.


After a bite including a delicious nutella/banana crepe (thinking of you Mom) and a horrible hamburger, I was off to see Beyoncé.  Beyoncé was class.  Her dancing and singing were better than any recording I’ve ever heard/seen of her.  The way she looked at the crowd and spoke to us illustrated her deep humility and love for the world.  When she played Halo, she walked into the crowd and someone gave her a daisy crown halo that she wore for the remainder of the song.  She’s so hot and so fabulous.  It’s easy when you see her to understand how she is so famous.


But what lit up the night was Coldplay’s booming performance, red and yellow fireworks included.  Playing their top songs along with some of their new ones, Coldplay killed it especially with Fix You, which had me nearly in tears.  For their encore, the crowd (including me) sang the beginning of Viva La Vida (the oho oh ohhh).  And we exited the venue, everyone in unison began singing the song.  A brilliant night and one I won’t forget soon.

That is what it felt and sounded like.


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