Double Double Toil and Dublin

One of my co-workers named Andy was on the same bus down to Dublin.  When Kyle and I got off, he was standing in the grape fruit rain drops inquiring if I needed directions or any further advice.  His genuine kindness was astounding but so typical in a place like Ireland.  The people here are proud of their land and have an eagerness to share it with you.

We stayed at the Four Courts Hostel near Temple Bar and ate dinner at a Kebab restaurant called Zaytoon.  In the open kitchen, you could view the different meats being roasted and a plethora of sauces being cooked up.  A warm naan enclosed seasoned chicken and vegetables laced with red and white sauces.  A definite must (especially if you too need a break from all the potatoes and meat).

After living in Newry (which all our Irish friends believe has, I quote, “shit food”), Dublin’s diverse delicious food was refreshing.  I’ve learned the best people to trust with restraurant recommendations are the people who aren’t originally from the city your in but have lived there for awhile.

We purchased ice cream from Botticelli’s where I had a cone of coffee crunch and, Kyle, vanilla.  Best ice cream in town, a great recommendation by Four Courts.

Leaving Ireland was a bit sad.  I missed people counting and saying “One, Two, Tree” and the large amounts of women named “Sinead” (Shuh-NED).  Funny story, when one of my close co-workers with that name introduced herself, I couldn’t understand her so she told me it was like “Sinead O’Connor,” a person I’ve deduced to be a famous Irish popstar.  According to Google, Sinead is the equivalent to the American Jane.


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