*Yawn* *Yawn* This is awesome! *Crash*

Redefining the meaning of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead.”  Main issue right now is trying to stay awake (ya know so I don’t get my head shaved).

We started at First Derivatives, and dress code is business formal hence the above.  We are learning SQL, Unix, and about finance.  The job is helping me (and I think Kyle as well) to realize I never want to be an investment banker or consultant :/.  I really appreciate the knowledge though, it’s definitely interesting and good stuff to know.

One of our supervisors is named Shane (pronounced “Sheen”), a kind and honest Irish man.  He told us stories about how he once spent summers in Boston playing Gaelic football and doing miscellaneous paint jobs and that those summers were some of his fondest memories.  He also mentioned that he use to rap.  15 years later he still remembers all the words of “Fuck Wit Dre Day” by Dr. Dre.

Shane spoke to us about the issues between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, and how ignorant and terrible people are acting in Belfast He thought the argument was petty and that people needed to grow up.

In particular, I found his ideas about the partition in Ireland interesting.  His philosophy was that there was no need to “unite” Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.  No one really thought about the political border as being a physical border.  He even went as far as to say Northern Ireland was better off economically and more forward thinking than the South.

One of the weirdest thing I’ve found about Ireland is how at restaurants they don’t bring you the check; you pay at the cash register.  We went to a nice hotel dinner and even there you paid at the front.

The first time we went out (to a place called Grounded) and asked for the check, the waitress gave us a look and then an I-am-laughing-at-you-but-have-to-be-polite smile.

Didn’t realized this existed.

I ended the day by sampling every candy at this beautiful open air store, and Kyle with a celebratory ice cream.  So many noms!


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