Prom and summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means: time for tans. One of the most pleasing images I know is woman sporting orange skin. Not only is the image visually stimulating as it comes as a surprise (How many people do you know look orange?), but also it is a sign of prosperity. Plump and rotund to the 15th century is orange and fake to the 21st century. Anyone can go outside and use the sun to get tan, but few can afford the luxury of a spray tan or a tanning bed.

After tanning, you might have the pleasure of being confused for Jersey Shore’s Snooki, an idol of guidos and poof-wearers alike, or a carrot. The fake orange glow acts as a disguise providing an escape from friends and family into the realm of people whose first names sound like a disease and last names are first names. These people can’t help but make you feel intelligent and competent; it’s a real confidence booster.


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