Friend-with-a-bread-knife-carving-the-turkey (although dead I swear it mouthed “help me”): “What do black people do on black Friday?”

Me-after-offering-the-electric-knife: “I don’t know.  Go shopping in the black market?” Har har har.

Friend-waving-the-electric-knife-in-a-sort-of-jive: “No, sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be a joke.”

Me-regretting-offering-the-electric-knife: “Sorry…what?”

Friend-directing-knife-at-me: “I mean I just keep hearing about his upcoming holiday I am not sure why it is special.  What do most black people do on this day?”


Friend-who-lands-knife-in-black-bean-casserole: “Is black Friday like part of Kwanzaa? Should I buy my black friend a present?”


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