There is something truly beautiful about water.  Maybe it’s because humans require it to survive, and, thus over time, those with a great infatuation with it survived as nature would have it.  But whatever it is, when I hear the water click as it hits each, now, smooth rock, I somehow am lost in a music that out does Arcade Fire and Mozart.  It’s pseudo random rhythm provides a backdrop for thought.  The thoughts I’ve come to be comfortable with disappear and the thoughts that are unpredictable and impulsive take over.  They aren’t the scary, illogical thoughts that come with a lack of sleep or dehydration; they are inspirational and sort of comforting thoughts that make me want to keep pursuing.

Water’s amorphous state can be paralleled to how I see life.  It also can be liked to blogging. I feel so comfortable blogging because of how amorphous the whole process is in nature.  The fate of your writing is never sealed when you click “post”: your post can easily be changed and tweaked with another click of a button.  I always lament all errors that come with papers I turn in.  No matter how many times I read a paper before hand; I always find more errors after I turn it in, mostly grammatical and syntactical but sometimes logical and thought errors as well.  I mean when you look at a paper a second time between the first and second read 5 minutes or 5 days, you have changed and thus the way you think has as well.  And that’s why I like blogging I don’t feel the restrictive handcuffs of a static paper.  I feel creative freedom that allows me to fuck up the first 18 times.


It’s funny doing nature writing in nature because it comes across so much more stream of conscious and “natural” then writing on my bed or in the comfort of a cup of tea.  Here there is nothing but boundless hills and my computer, a sad reminder of college essays and the ASR paper I still haven’t started.  Yet again listening to the water, I’m at peace because I realize no matter what I do, I will grow and learn and be happy.  The hills have been here forever thus I can tough it out and do it too.  After all, they have constantly had the terrible view of the freeway while I have the wonderful view of them.


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