Apple Pie and Me

Vary the ratio for sugar to cinnamon to ginger to allspice to cloves to 10:5:0:0:0, for the sweet toothed Caucasians, or  5:5:7:7:7, for those spice competing Indians.  Compile different variables in apple pie and what types of people like it (or don’t) on an Excel document.  Use the scientific method of having one variable and keeping all else constant.  Bake home-style in a circular container to crumble top to on sticks made to look like lollipops to mini-muffins a bit on the crust heavy side.

My baking expertise wasn’t always Martha status.  I once was a novice who despite commitment to one’s cookies, always seemed to burn them.  My mother banned me from baking due to my knack of lighting things on fire.  But last year at Thanksgiving, a holiday rarely observe, my family decided to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Being Indian, Diwali takes precedence over the month of November thus leaving little space for American holidays.  Yet last year, as proud American nationalists, we embarked on a journey of turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, yams, green beans, casseroles, and, of course, apple pies.  In the spirit of the holiday, my mom reluctantly allowed me to bake the apple pie.   And the rest is history.


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