Goat Cheese for Breakfeast?

Yes, you too can have goat cheese with your breakfast without judgemental glares.   This is a fool-proof socially acceptable recipe for goat cheese scrambled eggs.

Due to my Costco upbringing, most ingredients come from the not-so-quaint store.  The ingredients for the meal will vary due to personal preference, hunger, and what’s in the fridge, but for the pictured batch, I mixed 2 eggs with cilantro, yellow onions, smoked chicken sausage, Roma tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes (yes, I love tomatoes).  I additionally toasted some bread smothered in pesto.

Little chunks of goat cheese topped off the bread and eggs.  You could also melt the goat cheese in with eggs; I haven’t tried it, but it sounds tasty.

This particular goat cheese is from Costco, unsurprisingly.  It’s a log of Laura Chenel’s Chévre grown in a local Sonoma County dairy.  Like most of their cheeses, it’s an earthy simple pick.  The cost and accessibility make it the cheese of choice.

In this easy recipe, the most difficult part is depositing the correct amount of goat cheese.  The cheese smooths out the texture while adding a powerful tartness thus the cheese best serves in smaller amounts.   In my case, I broke off 4-5 almond sized pieces, but of course this will vary per batch.


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