Poster Girl

The following is a description about Menlo School’s Cafeteria:

Her tight gold locks full of gooey hairspray spring from her orange face.  The finely printed Cambria text inquires as to the nutritional value of your meal.  For once, mental math doesn’t seem like such a good idea.  She suffocates in her 27 by 41 inch frame.  Ha ha.  I reproachfully threaten her under my breath with promises of Nair.

The line grows exponentially; I ponder the line’s carrying capacity.  The little midgets weezle their way in front of me yearning for the long strands of wheat pasta smothered in tomato sauce and an unidentified meat.  Poster girl continues to glare.  Her twin appears from among the scrawny nothings.  And so begins the trials and tribulations in the Menlo Cafeteria.


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